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Celtic Motor Company offer Used car finance from Close brothers Finance we find them reliable and quick for the right car Finance deal. Offering affordable, convenient and flexible finance solutions for used cars and vans.

Zuto Finance 
The traditional way to arrange car financing is to take out the dealer's financial plan when you purchase the car. But coming to Zuto has four big advantages before you get that far:
with Zuto:

By finding out how much the monthly repayments are going to be on the car financing, you will know exactly what you are affording before you get to the dealer so that you can negotiate the car price from a position of strength.

You can be confident that we will get you the best deal we can – we will give you a free assessment and check the vehicle history of any car you are looking for.

You have the chance to make sure that you have the right used car financing deal for you.
Dealers can only offer a limited number of financing options, but from 17 lenders at Zuto we provide access to 70 car financing products.

You're saving time. We can make a decision to lend fairly quick.
This can be done in your own time, in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you may have access to the internet, rather than in a nervous wait on the forecourt of a dealer.
We can then help you with the search for paperwork and cars and even the dealer negotiations.

You can therefore drive your new car straight away instead of spending hours in the dealer's office.

Close Brother Finance 
It is an essential part of modern life to have a vehicle. Selecting a car, or LCV is a big choice and is usually one of the biggest purchases people make.
That's why we aim to make vehicle ownership easy for our customers through our partnerships with dealers and expert advice, helping you pay for the vehicle you want on a monthly basis.

With their finance solutions:

The process is fast and easy – you could drive away the same day Receiving enhanced rights from an asset - secured loan. 
You will get a fixed interest rate, unlike some credit cards You can spread the cost of high - value purchases.

Customer Reviews

My old car it was written off. This just made this old man cough. Through Auto Trader, I took a look. Lots of time and thoughts it took. Then Celtic Motors crossed my sight. A replacement car was there for me to see. I popped on down the next day as i was free. I was welcomed by a smiley face. Then told to have a look over at my own pace. A test drive was offered which I on board. Up the road for 10 minutes I toured. On my return I had another love in my life. Agreement was agreed with the wife. A small deposit was paid that day. As a happy man off home I made my way. In two days time i return to take it home. Complete with the extras, here's a list of some. A full 12 month MOT A warranty thats free. A.A cover for a while. A service and a valet that completes my smile. Overall it was a happy day. Made special by the staff what's more to say. This motor company i would certainly reccomend. As over the top to help you they all bend. Thank you.

John and Marilyn -

Great prices, my car was in amazing condition. The process was really easy and the staff were pleasant and welcoming. Definitely recommend!

Olivia Morgan-White -

I have purchased a used vehicle from them, I have met sales executive, Mr Alex Hood, who was really helpful in sorting out my issues with the car. Took few days to sort out but gave a very beautiful, smart looking car. And advised me do's and don'ts.
Thank you Alex for your service

Rakibul anowar -

Very knowledgeable, contacted me the following morning and left a voicemail as i was in work! And also sent me a email. Called them back after work and booked in for a test drive.

Bernard -

Contacted me back straight away, no nonsense, good part exchange on my old car, and extremely happy with my new one which was exactly as described.

Greg -

Clear and concise email, explaining who and what I should do to proceed

Anthony -

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